Thank You Rice: An Open Letter

Thank you Will Rice College for being the embodiment of every single value that I hold closest – passion, competitiveness, dedication, family. I love the fire that burns within every single Will Ricer. You’ve allowed me to grow into the best version of myself and never stopped embracing me, even as I drifted away at various points. You were the best home that I could have asked for. You were and are my family. I can’t forget the whole squadron of Will Ricers coming out to cheer me on during my startup competitions, or coaching Freshman Flag, or four years of Beer Bike, or dancing on your tables, or the infinitely numerous other memories which comprise a list far too long to list out individually. I’m calling it now – we’re getting a sweep within the next three years. I’m ready to graduate, but I have yet to figure out whether I’m ready to leave Will Rice.

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