The Astrodome as a symbol – Why I care about the Dome


Why do people in Houston care so much about the Astrodome? In other cities, when new stadiums and arenas are built, the predecessors are imploded gleefully.

For me, the answer is personal. I was not born yet when the Astrodome was first built. I did not become a permanent resident of Houston until a little over a year ago. But the Astrodome moves me.

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Choose one: 24 steak dinners or a set of textbooks


The new year has begun in earnest for college students. Classes are underway, and spirits are high. Or at least mine were, until one of my professors started brainstorming ways to one-up another professor in the level of difficulty of his class. In the middle of the first day of class, no less. With the new school year comes another bane of college students’ existence: textbooks.

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Trying to predict turnovers in the NFL is a risky proposition


The NFL offseason is a time for the talking heads and the analysts to rehash some age-old and accepted talking points in previewing the season ahead. One of those popular points is that turnovers are unsustainable for a defense. They say always that you are surely bound to see a sharp regression in your turnover count following a really high number of forced turnovers the previous year. The extremes don’t last, everything always reverts to the middle, fundamentals matter most, etc.

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Celebrating Houston’s Startup Ecosystem


The Bayou Startup Showcase, held Thursday at Rice University’s Jones Graduate School of Business, peered into the present and future of entrepreneurship in the nation’s fourth largest city.

The showcase is a collaboration between OwlSpark and Red Labs, the accelerator programs at Rice and the University of Houston, respectively. Teams from each school — made up of undergraduates, graduate students, alumni, even faculty members — pitched startup ideas to the Houston community after three months of rigorous business development.

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Is a Texas-sized turnaround in the works for the Texans?


The Houston Texans were unpredictably bad last season. Injuries, regression, and age all combined to mire the team in a nightmarish 2-14 campaign.

For a team coming off such a bad season, the Texans weren’t particularly active in free agency. And their draft didn’t produce many major (at least, not on first glance) contributors in the way of offensive skill players. The defense will undoubtedly be better, with guys returning from injury (i.e. Brian Cushing), an influx of younger, more athletic players (i.e. Jadeveon Clowney), and the addition of a highly respected defensive coordinator in Romeo Crennel. What about offense though? Bob McNair and Rick Smith are banking on new head coach Bill O’Brien being the key to turning things around on that end.

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Americans spend their time in many ways but what about work?

I spend a bunch of MY time sleeping.

As you can see, I spend a bunch of MY time sleeping.

I’m a college student. The one thing all college students want is more time. To be fair, that’s what most people want. So how do all of us spend our time?

Thankfully, the Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released the results of their American Time Use 2013 survey (yes, I examine BLS stats for fun). A lot of cool information is in there, but the one that really caught my eye was the breakdown of time spent on primary activities.

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