This is my first real attempt at a high-frequency, analytical blog after seeing the examples of some friends and having several people pushing me to publish my thoughts. I realized that my passions in business and sports could be connected. A lot of my writing will look to meld the two straits. Some of the posts here will be of the longer variety, some of the shorter, but I hope all will be crisp and insightful. I’ll look to post the heavy material once a week, and during the week, some shorter snapshots that may come up.

I’ve got to thank Tory Gattis for helping me launch this project (because at the end of the day, this is a project). Be sure to visit his blog, HoustonStrategies, for great discussions into the social systems of Houston. If you enjoy sports, or care about business and entrepreneurship, this should be a great site for you. And if it isn’t, then I’m not doing something right. So do let me know your feedback, and I can work towards creating a better experience.

As a preview, here are some topics to expect in the coming weeks:

  • Time is linear. What happens last sticks out most.
  • Why should athletes make millions? Rather, why shouldn’t they?
  • When others all start to zag, it can become invaluable to zig.
  • Find your “why.” It might just save you.

Everybody likes to offer their two cents. But here, I’m offering my three Senths. Welcome!



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